LIVE STATUS: ——–Not on Siege——–Kill counter: 70,234 children and 30,432 Adults———2873 hours———–

Moose Jr has spent about 2850 hours (and counting) of his life yelling at 7 year olds on Rainbow Six Siege. According to scientific reports, he has said the most colorful words in game history. Doctors say he has Seigeous, a new and dangerous COVID 19 variant.

Lets dive in. first of, Rainbow Six Siege is a 5 vs. 5 team Objective game, with no respawn. Attackers have to break in and defuse bombes, and Defenders need to last 3 minutes without getting killed or losing the bombes. Kids and adults play it around the world, and different amounts of language could encourage others to use unsportsmanlike language. Moose Jr is an great example

examples of word include, “**** ******* *** ******* ***** *************** ******* ******* ********.”(censored by CIA for inappositeness)

This is why gamer rage must be stopped. It is killing many children and adults. In a recent scientific study, 3 out of 10 child have heard Moose Jr vulgar language. According to Bob smith, a 7 year child, “He has scarred me for life. Every time i turn the corner I feel like He’s there.” Bob smith died a day before his birthday after he played siege. Bobs parents said, “The doctor said no more siege because Moose could be on,” they explained. “but he just wanted one more game before he gives up the game.”

There are many more examples of children deaths because of Moose’s horrible language and abuse. There is one way to solve this, Moose must be assassinated. The CIA and special ops are working together to get this done. They have created the MMS association (Moose Must Stop) to get support for this mission

“Its really hard to get him in a single spot,” Chief Warner says. “but were feeling confident this time.”

The MMS have an plan. Moose Spends about an averages 5 hours a day on Siege, and on the weekends, he scrambles the MMS satilates. He goes to school but we don’t know his identity. XBOX has tried to ban his account for years but they claim nothing works.

“Were so close but nothing seems to work” CIA chief Mike Ferder says ” He’s impossible to find, and he had even killed some of our agents.

Live updates will be given about Moose Jr, but our advice is to stay of siege. Also reports find he has been on many diferent games. He has played Fortnite, COD, Minecraft and many more diferent game

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