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Carolina Hurricanes North_East

Columbus Blue Jackets North_East

New Jersey Devils North_East

New York Islanders North_East

New York Rangers North_East

Philadelphia Flyers North_East

Pittsburgh Penguins North_east

The Pittsburgh penguins lost to the Columbus Blue Jackets to break their 16 year playoff streak, but seem to be out to fix that. The Penguins traded for Karlson, but I think the penguins decisions are stupid. The penguins needed defense, and they thought Karlson was the best pick. Karlson is a good scorer and a great playmaker, but he sucks at defense. Every time a rush happens Karlson cannot defend

Washington Capitals North_East

The Washington Capitals have a bad future. The Capitals only have old guys, but while most of them are good, a lot of them are washed. The capitals was also in the race for a playoff spot, and had glimpses of success. overall though the capitals.

Boston Bruins North_East

The Boston Bruins were the best regular season in NHL history, had the best goalie tandem in the game, and the best offensive and defensive core in the current league. But the Bruins forgot a little thing called the Florida Panthers, The biggest choke in NHL history. The panthers destroyed their franchise, with a lot of veterans and great players retiring or leaving. They still have a great goalie tandem, but I also think people underate them in standings. I think that the bruins will be fighting for an playoff spot and possibly getting them.

Buffalo Sabres North_East

The Buffalo Sabres have one of the most promising futures in the NHL. They missed the playofs by one point in the 2022-2023 season, while having the youngest team in the NHL. Carrying young superstars like Tage Thompson, Dylan Cozens, Casey Middlestadt, Rasmus Dhalin, Zack Benson, Owen Power, Devon Levi, JJ Peterka, and Jack Quin. They Also have good veterans, like Jeff Skinner, Alex Tuch, Zemgus Girgensons, Riley Stillman, And Eric Johnson. They had an eletric ofseason, signing Connor Clifton, and Eruc Johnson. With siging these players the give an huge boost to the sabres blue line, and another boost to the offensive core. They both racked up an collectove of 32 points last season, and are excellent, hard hitting, experinced, guys. With the new signings and confidence, I predict the sabres will be an strong wild card team, probably beating Florida, and maybe even Toronto. Because of playoff drought I think the sabres will lose in the first or second round. The Sabres had a rough

Detroit Red Wings North_East

The Detroit Red Wings have been through an massive rebuild. They added DeBrincat to the team,

Florida Panthers North_East

The Florida Panthers had a miracle run last season, but the Panthers lost in the Stanley Cup final, but showed great potential. The panthers will be a hard team to predict, because of injuries and trading out players, they are likely to have a rough beginning. If the panthers figure out their defense, and add a boost to the offense, I can picture an cup contender. The panthers lost Gudas and Staal, but have promising prospects. I predict the Panthers being upper middle. With the playoffs, I think of them losin in the 3rd round.

Montréal Canadiens North_East

Ottawa Senators North_East

Tampa Bay Lightning North_East

Toronto Maple Leafs North_East

Arizona Coyotes North_East

Some might say this is controversial but the Arizona Coyotes will have a great season.

Chicago Blackhawks North_East

Colorado Avalanche North_East

Dallas Stars North_East

Minnesota Wild North_East

Nashville Predators North_East

St. Louis Blues North_East

Winnipeg Jets North_East


Anaheim Ducks North_East

Anaheim is

Calgary Flames North_East

Edmonton Oilers North_East

The Edmonten Oilers consist of only two good players, Draisatal, and McDavid. Every one else on the team

Los Angeles Kings North_East

The Los Angeles Kings are a cup arguably a cup contender for the 2023-2024 season. They still consit of prime players, and great veterans. Goalies might be a slight issue but overall, They are a top 5 team

San Jose Sharks North_East

The San Jose Sharks do not have a bright future. The sharks traded away Eric Karlson for for picks and washed up players. The only good players the sharks have in their possesion are Thomas Hertl, Anthony Duclair, and Mackenzie Blackwood. While they do consist of promising prospects, and youg players they have few veterans, and lacking defensive and offensive assets. Unless the Sharks can pull in more good players, and have connection through the team, The sharks will be on the lower end of the standings

Seattle Kraken North_East

Seattle looks like they will have another good season, and maybe better success in the playoffs. They had a quite offseason, but made some good signings. They have some pretty good prospects to. They have good defensive and offensive core, but if they want to go farther than last year, they need a little boost on offense. If they could get an offensive superstar they could be cup contenders

Vancouver Canucks North_East

The Vancouver Canucks

Vegas Golden Knights North_East

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